NACA Field Services Series: Community-Centered Programming

This course focuses on innovative programming that will inspire and engage officers to evolve with the changing landscape of the industry. It offers an eye-opening look into the future of a more equitable approach to field services and practical strategies for engaging with community members.

NACA Field Services Series: Using Tools and Equipment

This course covers safe, effective and humane use of standard-issue field services equipment. Videos present humane concepts and safe handling techniques. Use of tools and equipment is demonstrated by Animal Capture and Handling Instructor John Peaveler.

NACA Field Services Series: Communication as a Tool

Officers in the field are often faced with difficult and highly emotionally charged situations. These situations can often easily be diffused with appropriate language, and communication is the most important tool in your belt.

NOTE: This course will also be useful for staff members and volunteers who are not field officers.

NACA Field Services Series: Canine Behavior in the Field

Officers in the field are often faced with complicated and potentially dangerous situations. By understanding how to read and understand the language of canines, many situations can be avoided or mitigated prior to them becoming unsafe. The better the officer is at pairing the behavior of the animal with the most appropriate and least aversive tool, the safer the situation for the officer, the community and the animal.

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