Recertification & Continuing Education Requirements



To retain NACA ACO Certification the following must be met:

  • Valid for three (3) years from the date of certification.
  • Must Pursue Continuing Education Opportunities (CEU) as have outlined below.
  • Must complete a recertification application and submit proof of CEUs before certification expiration.
  • NACA members must recertify every 3 years after their initial certification. To remain certified, members must complete 10 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per year to meet the 30 CEU requirement during the 3-year certification cycle. All CEU activities must relate to the animal care & control profession, as defined by NACA, and meet the outlined Core Competencies as listed below.
  • An individual, institution, organization, or agency responsible for the development, implementation, evaluation, record-keeping, of a quality continuing education activity may activities for approval. The CEU activity must meet the NACA Guidelines and program definition of continuing education.
  • A CEU is 60 minutes of an organized learning activity.
  • View NACA CEU Partnerships
  • CEUs MUST be uploaded prior to the expiration date for recertification consideration.

CEU Limits

Activity CEU Hours Max Proof
Conference — In Person 10 CEUs per year Proof of attendance/Certificate of Completion
Classroom Training — In Person 10 CEUs per year Proof of attendance/Certificate of Completion
Webinars/Online Training — Virtual 10 CEUs per year Proof of attendance/Certificate of Completion
Other 5 CEUs per year As consistent with NACA CEU Policy

If ACO I, II and III are completed within two years of each other, CEU requirements for the first certification are considered met. The new recertification cycle starts from the completion date of the last course completed.

CEU Reporting FAQ’s

Q: I have never seen the CEU requirements, is this new?

A: No, NACA previously required CEU submission every 3 years to maintain certification in good standing. This change only affects the submission process.

Q: What if I have already submitted my CEUs through the existing website?

A: Any submitted CEUs prior to (3/28/2022) will be automatically added for you, you will not need to re-submit. Non-Members will need to submit the full report upon expiration of the 3-year certification cycle.

Q: What if I have taken but not submitted my CEUS in a few years? Do I have to recertify?

A: No. If you have a record of all your CEUs and submit them via the new process, NACA will offer a 1-year grace period for you to submit your backdated CEUs.

Q: Why a new process, what was wrong with the old process?

A: The new process is streamlined and supports easier tracking for the certificate holder. In addition, this process ensures that Nationally Certified ACOs have the ability to self-report all CEUs and be able to easily access their own personal records.

Q: I need a place to track other CEUs as well (for other NON-NACA certifications), can I use this same tracking feature?

A: YES! This tracking feature is an added benefit for NACA Members and can be used to track all CEU certifications. From this feature, you can export your transcripts and use them however you need.

Q: I am not a member of NACA, can I use the tracking feature as well?

A: No, the tracking feature is only available for members with an active account. The process for non-NACA members will remain very similar to how it is now, with the submission being emailed. Non-NACA members can access the excel template from our website in which to track CEUs and will be required to submit via email.

Q: What if I have never completed any CEUs, is my certification still valid?

A: No, NACA previously required CEU submission every 3 years to maintain certification in good standing. If you have no record of any CEUs you will need to recertify. Email us if you have questions or want to talk about your specific situation, we are happy to connect!

Q: My department doesn’t have the budget for travel currently so I may not be able to meet the requirements, how will I get my CEUs?

A: The limits posted in the policy are the maximum limits allowed in any one area and there is no requirement that the training be in person. There is not a minimum and the CEUs can be a mixture of items to equal 30 total, 10 per year. In addition, the core competency areas were added to expand the types of training that an officer can do that would count as an approved CEU. An example is below.

Year 1: 10 CEUs webinar
Year2: 5 other, 5 online
Year 3: 5 webinars, 5 other, or any combination thereof

Have additional questions? Feel free to reach out to us! We thank you for your commitment to continuing to set the standard and lead the way in animal care and control!